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Make a Difference in Your Community Through

Dynamic Leadership

Make a Difference in Your Community Through Dynamic Leadership


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If you’ve been tasked to search for a motivating leadership speaker for your next event,  I’d love to introduce myself! My name is Chris Mayfield, and I bring a compelling contemporary twist to leadership training.  

As a leadership consultant, I specialize in building company cultures and healthy work environments that make a positive impact on both the employees and community as a whole. My tailored approach to your event will entertain and immediately win over your audience.

Want to see it in action? Watch my TEDx talk and you’ll see a sample of what I can bring to your event.

Where in the world did you find that fabulous Speaker?” and “How in the world are we ever going to top that next year?” Organic  conversations like these start after hiring an impactful speaker.

Let’s start the conversation and make a difference together! 

Chris Mayfield’s approach to leadership will ignite and inspire your team!

You can make a difference by creating a leadership revolution, and you can do it often. It all starts by simply starting the conversation and taking action.


Common Client Learning Objectives

Learn a revolutionary strategy for creating leaders that are connected to the humans they lead.

Strengthen your bench to create stability  in turbulent times.

Learn how innovation happens and how you can use innovation as an edge.

Learn how leaders impact culture.

Discover how you can make improvements today that will engage your entire organization.

Discover how your company develops a strength-based culture.

Increase profitability through harnessing the natural abilities of your team.

Encourage maximum individual contribution.

Understand how to create the next generation of leaders.

Learn the importance of community engagement through corporate social responsibility programs. 

Leadership Revolution

Culture Transformation


Speaking, Training and Coaching

What to Expect

Programs tailored specifically for your event's theme & goal outcome.
Keynotes focused on the issues that are important to your attendees.
A customized presentation that creates the ideal mix of learning & content that will captivate and keep your audience engaged.


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